Monday, February 17, 2014


Anytime I take up a new hobby I tend to hit it really hard and engage in a little purchasing overkill.  My medicine cabinet is filling up.  So I have put together a kit for a beginning wet shaver.   Here is how you can enter:

  1. Leave a comment to any post on this blog
  2. Indicate that you are in by posting on this thread over at The Shave Nook
  3. Have a CONUS mailing address
The winner will be announced here on February 22.  

So here is what I am giving away:
  • 1963 Gillette Ball End Tech
  • Van Der Hagan boar bristle brush and bowl
  • Full bottle of Kroger Brisk after shave
  • 98% full bottle of Pinaud Clubman - classic barbershop scent
  • Unopened puck of Provence Sante shaving soap
  • 3 boxes of Astra, Gillette and Wilkinson Sword blades
Good Luck


  1. Nice little starter kit. Good luck with your shave blog.

  2. I have used a DE before and they give a real nice shave