Sunday, March 13, 2016

Same as it ever was...well maybe!  I've not kept up with this blog at all, but I still shave almost every day and am still using only traditional tools and methods.  Well, not straight razors, but good old double edge safety razors.  Over the past 2 years, I've changed a little of my shave gear and think I may be settled in to what I will continue to use.    

This is a Gillette NEW Long Comb razor that I recently had re-vamped by Delta Echo Razorworks.  They do a cool razor plate using GunKote and I think it is just outstanding.

This brush is a RazoRock Plissoft I came into from a pass around box originating at Badger and Blade.  It is a synthetic brush and really makes a nice lather and is perfect for face lathering.

This photo and the next 2 are of my new Blackland Blackbird razor.  It is from a new American company that designed and made this really neat razor.  It is the best shaving razor I own.

 Finally, here is a photo of a Gillette Slim adjustable that gets occasional use.  What makes this razor important to me is that it was manufactured in the 4th quarter of 1963, the same time when I was born.

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